Visitor Analytics

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Day Wise Visitors: Number of total visitors perĀ day.

Unique Visitors: The visitor who access a website between a predetermined time interval is a unique visitor. How many times the visitor will access between the time interval does not matter, the visitor will be considered as a single visitor. If the visitor returns to the website within 30 days they will be tracked as a returning visitor or if after the time the cookie expires of if the cookie is cleared then the visitor will be tracked as a new visitor.

Page View: A pageview is tracking the access to a particular page on a website. If a person visits only one page of the website then it is one pageview. If the visitor accesses two page on a single website then it is two pageviews and so on.

Average Stay Time: Stay time is the time that a visitor stays on the website. The stay time is tracked from the time the visitor accesses a page and leaving the website by closing the browser or an event occurs like they click a link off the website. That means stay time is the time between any visitor on a page from their first activity to last. Average stay time is the total stay time of all users divided by the number of visits.

Average Visit: Average visit is the total number of visits divided by number of visitors.

Bounce Rate: A bounce is a event when a visitor comes to a site and leaves without any activity i.e. he or she does not click any other link or does not scroll. A bounce rate is the percentage number of users that bounced divided the total number of users or visitors.

Traffic From Search Engines: Search engine traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to that particular website. That means a person searches for a certain thing and accesses the web site from search engine results.

Traffic from Social Networks: Social network traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking any link for the website residing on a social network site. That means a person visits a social network site and clicks a link to the website.

New Visitor: A new visitor is a visitor who accesses the website for first time.

Returning Visitor: A returning visitor is a visitor who accessed the website at least twice.

Content Overview: is the statistics of the visited webpages on the website.

Country Wise Report: is the country where the web traffic originated from.

Browser Report: is the type of web browser that was used to access the website.

OS Report: is the type of operating system used on the computer that accessed the website.

Device Report: is the type of the devices like desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets etc. that are used to access the website.